The Joys of Cobwebs

So how many of you have a barn that looks like… well… something out of a scary movie involving an old abandoned house?  You know the one I’m talking about.  The cobwebs are EVERYWHERE.  They dangle in your face, they fall on you in a strong breeze, they’re unsightly and make you think of dirt and grime.  Well you know what?  I LIKE THEM. Yes, you read that right.  Let me explain.

image of cobwebs in barn rafters

Why in the world does a confirmed arachnophobe (working on it, I swear!) like seeing cobwebs hanging from the rafters?  Its not because the spiders who made the original web caught a spectacular number of house flies and other flying creatures.  It’s not because I suddenly wanted to have a Halloween display year round. It’s because of the wasps.  Yes, I said wasps.  Trust me there’s a connection and it’s not because spiders find wasps to be tasty treats either. 

I hear you now: “SO TELL ME ALREADY!”

OK I will.  It’s quite simple really.  Wasps will not build nests near cobwebs!  How’s that for a nice fact!  Since I started carefully sweeping only the long long hanging cobwebs, the corners and tops of cabinets I have not had the pleasure, nay the JOY, of a nice little nest of vespids out to say “C’mon punk, make my day!”  So, next time you walk in someone’s barn and wonder: “Geez, don’t they ever CLEAN this dump?”  It could very well be that they’re lazy.  Or maybe they just don’t like wasps and prefer more natural methods than that hideous smelling spray in a can.

The Domestic Goat Goddess

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